Overview of the Slovak health system

Slovakia has taken measures to provide adequate assistance to people fleeing Ukraine from the war. On this page, you will find a brief overview of the functioning of the Slovak health system and information on the provision of health care.

Health care provided to foreigners in Slovakia:

Persons who only pass through Slovakia to another country of destination (i.e. persons who have not applied for asylum or temporary refuge) are entitled to acute and urgent medical care, which is provided by the contractual partners of the General Health Insurance Company. Persons who have applied for asylum or temporary refuge are entitled to urgent and necessary indicated medical care. The following shall be considered as necessary health care: (a) Healthcare required by the patient's state of health (b) Healthcare recommended by the doctor by examination (c) Consultation with a general practitioner (d) Preventive health care, including vaccination (e) Treatment of emergency and emergency medical services Persons granted asylum or subsidiary protection are entitled to full healthcare. In the event of a threat to life, health care is provided immediately to everyone in the territory of the Slovak Republic. In such cases, call toll-free numbers: • Emergency medical service: 155Single European emergency number: 112 (in Slovakia, operators communicate in Slovak, English, Hungarian, German, Russian and Polish) In hospitals, there is a nonstop emergency/central reception, where there is a surgical, traumatological and internal ambulance. The order of patients is determined by the severity of the case. For non-life-threatening conditions, you can use the Outpatient Emergency Service (First Aid Medical Service), which operates on weekdays from 16:00 to 22:00 and on weekends or holidays from 7:00 to 22:00. The schedule of outpatient emergency services can be found [here] (https://www.e-vuc.sk/e-vuc/pre-poskytovatelov…). You can undergo an examination with a specialist only with a recommendation from a practising (general) doctor. In addition to state-owned providers, private providers such as ProCare (World of Health) hospitals will also provide you with urgent medical assistance. [Map] (https://www.procare.sk/kontakt/) Other important phone numbers: • Health Line for Ukraine: +421 221 025 075 • General Health Insurance Infoline: 0850 003 003 • Infolines for Ukrainian-speaking persons: +421 513 816 111/+421 259 765 111 The necessary information and other useful links can be found on the website [of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic] (https://ua.gov.sk).

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