Basics of the Slovak health care system

  • All refugees are entitled to acute and urgent medical care. Refugees with temporary refuge and asylum seekers are entitled to necessary care (e.g., consultations with the general practitioner, vaccination, some treatments for chronic diseases, and so on). Refugees with asylum, subsidiary protection, or those who are employed and insured have full access to healthcare.
  • In case of an urgent health problem - call 155 - Ambulance or 112 - European Emergency Number.
  • Hospitals provide a non-stop emergency service where you can find a surgical, trauma and internal medicine clinic. The order of patients is determined by the severity of the health condition.
  • In non-life-threatening emergencies, you can use the Outpatient Emergency Service, which operates on weekdays from 16.00 - 22.00 and on weekends or holidays from 07.00 - 22.00. Where to go
  • In case of a consultation with a specialist you need the recommendation of a general practitioner first.
  • Emergency medical care will be provided also by private providers, e.g. ProCare. map

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