• How can I get to the medication?

    • Prescription-only medicines can be prescribed by any doctor (within their prescription limitations) if the patient pays for them in full. Medicines covered by health insurance can only be prescribed by contracted doctor (VšZP insurance company). However, the entitlement differs depending on the refugee status (medication for urgent care for transit refugees, medication for necessary care for asylum seekers, and full health care for employed and insured refugees). In case of some prescription medicines a co-payment will be still needed.
    • If you don´t know how to find a doctor who will prescribe the specific medication, try contact the Inpatient Emergency Service, which operates on weekdays from 16.00 - 22.00 and on weekends or holidays from 07.00 - 22.00. Where to go
  • How to address specific health issues?

    • Pediatrics
      • The examination by a pediatrician before entering the school facility is fully reimbursed by the General Health Insurance Company (VšZP), you can find the pediatrician here
      • The nonprofit organization Plamienok provides help for chidren with serios illnesses.The organization offers home visits by a doctor, a nurse and a social worker at the place of residence of these children in Bratislava and its surroundings. For more info about the consultation with a psychologist and social worker for parents or other adults who accompany children can be found at: facebook
    • Pregnancy
    • Oncology
      • Cancer patients from Ukraine can send a request to the National Institute of Oncology (NOÚ) via ukrajina@nou.sk. You can also visit us in person at NOÚ, Main Building, 1st floor, door № 144, opening hours - Monday and Thursday from 13:00 to 14:30.
      • The civic association Lymfóm offers help to Ukrainain patients, more info can be found at: lymfom.sk
    • Stomatology
      • Slovak Chamber of Dentists offers help to Ukrainians, more info can be found at: skzl.sk
    • Dialysis
      • List of dialysis centers that can be visited by Ukrainian refugees: health.gov.sk, the dialysis is reimbursed by the General Health Insurance Company (VšZP).
    • Psychological help
    • People with disabilities
      • AXIS International Rehabilitation Center will accommodate families with children with disabilities who are fleeing the war. Coordinator: Roman Bas, bas@axis-medical.eu, +421 949 829 238.
      • Help for hearing-impaired can be found at: deafstudio.net
      • Help for families with children with autism spectrum disorder: andreas.sk
    • Covid-19
      • Vaccination: All citizens of Ukraine residing in the territory of the Slovak Republic are entitled to vaccination against Covid-19. You can register at: health.gov.sk
      • Non-serious and mild symptoms such as fever and cough should be treated at home. With more severe symptoms, you need to go to a hospital emergency department (located in every hospital).
      • All official information about coronavirus is available at: https://korona.gov.sk/uk
  • Other than medical help (accomodation, permanent residence, etc.)

    • Official assistance website of the Slovak public administration: ua.gov.sk
    • Infolines of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak republic for Ukranian-speaking citizens:
      • 00421-5-13816111
      • 00421-2-59765111
    • Official help with accomodation pomocpreukrajinu.sk
    • Association of civic initiatives helping Ukrainians: https://ktopomozeukrajine.sk
    • General information in one place from the League for Human Rights and civic association Mareena ukraineslovakia.sk
    • Help in finding people in Ukraine and other information from the Slovak Red Cross redcross.sk/ukraine-info-sk/
    • Information and advice on entry and stay in Slovakia from the International Organization for Migration (IOM): www.mic.iom.sk,
      • 0850 211 478 (from the territory of the Slovak Republic)
      • +421 252 630 023 and +421 556 258 662 (from abroad)
      • +421 908 767 853 (Telegram and Signal)
    • Ukrainian community in Slovakia, Ukraine-Slovakia SOS / Sme spolu: smespolu.org/ua/
    • Slovak telephone operators offer you free SIM cards: O2, Orange, Telekom
  • How does the Healthline work?

    The Healthline is available every workday from 9:00 to 17:00. The price of the call is determined by the current prices of your operator. The call is charged as a call to a landline in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

    The line is intended for medical consultation. In case of an urgent health problem, call the toll-free numbers directly:

    Emergency medical service: 155Single European emergency number: 112 (in Slovakia, operators communicate in Slovak, English, Hungarian, German, Russian and Polish)

Available every weekday from 9:00 to 17:00.

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